Dave, the Gollywock and Sam at Pappa's Taverna

Sam 27 held it's annual Christmas Party at the Greek party restaurant "Pappa's Taverna" on the banks of the mighty Petaluma River on Saturday 12/6 - jut a few miles north of the field where we fly our models - yes, in December. Rubber was well represented by MAC members - you can see Gale, Jerry and George in the background, with Phobe sporting one of her millinery masterpieces.

The gifts are part of the traditional out-west ritual of draw 'n steal. But it's Christmas, after all - the season of goodwill and all that - so there's not a lot of stealing . . . . until someone drew a Gollywock kit. It was soon stolen. We discussed the ethics of another steal, and confirmed with officials that there was a 2 steal limit.

Then it was Dave's turn to draw. He headed purposefully past the gift table towards the Gollywock, which he took gently but firmly from its erstwhile owner. "I've stolen the Gollywock," he says here to the MC.

Back at the table Dave hugged the box anticipating reprisal raids. There were none. Happy holidays. No stealing!


Dave W. said...

I've stolen the Gollywock! Best gift exchange ever!

flyin_brian said...

Nice snag, Dave.
My Gollywock was from that same Midwest kit, which I think is one of the best kits ever offered.
Highly detailed plans, excellent wood, and a folding prop that is very competitive.
A fitting tribute to Wally Simmers,
who started Midwest Inc, and designed the Gollywock & the Jabberwock.