2009 Group Builds Considered

As the building season approaches, the discussion at MAC turns to group building projects for next year. Several ideas have been floated, emails will be circulating, and eventually we’ll reach a consensus.

Perhaps the most popular suggestion is a Dime Scale group build. They are quick and easy to build, and you don’t have to be a senior citizen to appreciate the nostalgic quality of these pre-war models. Another plus is that Dime Scale is FAC eligible, and some of us are interested in reviving our local FAC squadron.

Bill Hurley's Dime Scale Arado Ar.96

Tom proposed a radical concept at the SAM 27 Christmas party: building one very large model (say a 3 meter wing span) as a group, with each person contributing one sub-assembly to the airplane. We don’t know if Tom was serious, or if it was the egg nog talking, but you have to admit a project like this would be an attention-getter.

Something very large

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Dave W.


flyin_brian said...

A group build of dime scalers sounds like fun to me.
Fairly easy construction and minimal detailing.

I wonder how many we can get to participate...
I'd be glad to donate a prize or two for the winner.

Dave W. said...

I guess most of the regulars will be up for dime scale. Tom and Dave K already have started theirs and I have a kit ready to go.