Santa Phantom

Dave W supplied this recent pic of Kermit and his perfect Christmas version of the Phantom Flash. It's the closest the club gets to "festive".

Apart from being a great flyer, it has many scale features, including rudolph's red nose and fourteen point antlers. Whether or not it meets Flying Aces stringent rules for non-military experimental aircraft remains to be seen.

Kermit! Tell us more about it.

Tom W


Anonymous said...

Kermit, is it true the Christmas craft was actually built by elves?

planecrazy said...

Hi! I'm the builder of the "Santa Phantom". It's real name is "Xmastick" and it really has no direct connection to the Phantom Flash, other than a vague resemblence to it. It was published in Flying Models several years ago at Christmas time (perhaps 2002 or '03?) and I believe it was based on an earlier design also published in Flying Models in the late 1940's. It has always flown surprisingly well, and it regularly turns in times of well over a minute in the two 22' ceiling venues where I fly, despite the weight of Santa and his sleigh. It only gets flown just prior to Christmas each year and spends the rest of the year in its own box to be pulled out and flown each Christmas season. Neat, fun model!
Kermit Walker (aka "planecrazy")