Getting Started In Free Flight

I got interested in Free Flight after I had been flying R/C for a few years. When I showed up at MAC in 2006, I had never built a FF model before, except a couple of Guillow's kits in the 1970s which I built for display only.

As a newcomer I received a warm welcome from the MAC members, and lots of help too. George Benson was especially helpful (taking me under his wing, so to speak) and I went home with a stack of plans and a few building supplies too. I was going to build a model, but which one?

It is important to choose a first model that isn't too hard to build and/or trim for flight. There are lots of good designs for beginners, such as ROGs, Bostonians, and Embryos (to name a few types). I decided to build the Akro, one of the easy-to-build (and fly) designs by Dick Baxter.

I came back to MAC the next month with my Akro, and with a little help from my new friends, it was soon flying in big circles inside the gym. Success! It was so much fun I've been building and flying FF models ever since.

Dave W.

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flyin_brian said...

Excellent post, Dave.
Just the kind of friendly advise needed by a beginner, or someone thinking about entering the hobby, to get them headed down the right path.
I've seen far too many newcomers try starting with something like a Guillows scale kit,
(which can be a challenge for a seasoned veteren even), only to end up being discouraged.

Baxter's Akro, as well as his other designs, seem to have a universal appeal....
well thought out, no frills, simply understated and an outstanding performer.

By the by, everyone, is'nt it time for another Akro contest??