I just wanted to remember how good this model looked the day before I crunched it.

It suffered from a fatal flaw - it could only fly fast, but when it did, it became uncontrollable. (This short sentence has three its in it!)

After just a couple of brief forays at Lakeville, the foam cannons jammed during a low strafing run, and the pilot had no alternative but to ram a rock solid enemy clod the size of a rugby ball.

Later, out of the sight of my sensitive friends, I put the Spitfire Mark 24 out of its misery.


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flyin_brian said...

She really was a beauty, Tom.
The one time I saw her fly, I was wandering the fields at StVincents,
not really paying attention, when she went screaming right past me, her mighty V-12 at full throttle,
I thought to myself..."off on another sortie, I'd wager".