FROG Delta 16

I posted a picture of Mike flying his FROG Delta 16 last month and remembered that model from my first outdoor MAC meeting in 2006. That was before we started this blog, so my pictures from that day were never posted... until now. Here is Mike on May 14, 2006, in the field behind the St. Vincent's gym in Marinwood (we moved our outdoor sessions to Lakeville in 2007).

Mike built his Delta 16 from plans which are available to download free from the House of Frog website. The video below shows the model flying in 2006. I guess it isn't easy to trim a flying wing, but Mike is doing okay. (Tom: "The glide is superb." Mike: "Yeah.")

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Lead6424 said...

Thanks for posting this Dave. I've had a lot of fun with this one. It was quite an enjoyable build and quite frustrating to trim. I eventually built a half-scale sheet glider and determined that 1) The elevons needed to be increased to about double the area shown and 2) the CG should be at 50% of the root chord. After that, it was a piece of cake. If I was going to build another one, I would also move the rear motor peg forward to the front of the rear former. The rubber tends to bunch up as it is.