Record 10 entries in Bostonian contest

We had a really good turnout for the Bostonian contest at our St Vincent’s indoor meeting on Sunday (9/26). The Jim Bearham trophy goes to Mike L for an outstanding performance with his Bay Watch model, but all contestants worked hard to make it a rewarding and fun event. Some pics below.

Best three times out of five flights . . .

Mike L - Bay Watch - 303 seconds
Jerry L - Own design - 207 seconds
Tom W - The Fish – 152 seconds
Dave W - Celtic – 145 seconds
Ed S - ? – 132 seconds
George B –“Volksplane ripoff” – 122 seconds
Daniel N – Sorta Senator – 105 seconds

Haoyang, Bob and Jim (who provided the trophy and flew a Canuck #1) didn’t record times as they were having trimming issues, but they put a lot of effort in and will doubtless be in a better position next time.

There was no attempt to handicap for weight, but Mike’s advice is to build light and use a prop with a high pitch. Most of us struggled to stay under the rafters, off the walls and out of the bleachers with varying degrees of success. I think there was a least one three point basket. We all felt that we should have done better, and it would probably have helped morale if Mike had been forced to fly last. But he has given us a target for next year.

We missed Brian who would have been in the top three if past performance is anything to go by.

Thanks to everyone, and let's make the most of our October indoor session with a open scale contest - Dime, Nocal, peanut etc.

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flyin_brian said...

Damn, I'm bummed I missed out on all the fun.
Thats what happens when you forget to set the alarm, and sleep till 11!

The models all look awesome, with some very respectable flight times.
Congrats to Mike on his victory!