Late Summer at Lakeville

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Bay Area, an example of the great weather we usually get in September and October. If we had any control over the conditions, we would've turned down the wind a few notches, but it wasn't too bad. Models filled the air and we witnessed some impressive flights. Also new models on display, discussion of plans and building techniques, a trivia quiz, two dogs, a new car, and some R/C planes thrown into the mix.

Jim lets one fly.

Mike's FROG Delta 16 is one of my favorite models. I remember seeing it fly at my first outdoor MAC meeting in 2006.

This is Mike's newest model, a scale-ish looking Bostonian. Tom said something about flying ROW (rise off water) but in reality that seems unlikely, to say the least.

Ed had the runway all to himself until late in the morning when a few more R/C guys showed up. Here is Ed, starting the engine on his Tutor.

Daniel brought a couple of new planes: a Skokie and this nicely detailed Junkers D.I built from the Rocky Top kit.

Tom also has a new Skokie. This plane shows a lot of potential, possibly owing to the all-red tissue covering.

Expect to see more Skokies at the Jimmie Allen contest rescheduled for Saturday, September 25.

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