Summer Time

Part of a mural painted by students outside the St. Vincent's gym

One of several models competing in the Volksplane contest on Sunday. I will leave the reporting of that event to others who took better notes and more pictures. Hope to see a report here.

An example of the Easy Built Models variation of the Little Richard design. Distinguishing features include polyhedral breaks near the wing tips and tail feathers extending aft of the fuselage.

Ed shows his finely crafted mini-square.

At his first St. Vincent's session, Haoyang flew a Phantom Flash and then this GM Aero-Bat.

Thanks to those who brought cookies.

Dave K just built this immaculate dime scale D.VII from the Skylake Models kit. This one flies really well both indoors and out, and of course it looks fantastic.

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Haoyang Wang said...

Nice to meet you guys and thank you for the generous help and encouragement!

I used to think that models like these only appeared in magazines. To see some of them actually flying in person and have you explain how it's done, it was inspiring.