6-27-2010 Indoor flying

Sunday's session saw many versions of the peanut scale Volksplane being readied for the upcoming event.

Jerry concentrates on trimming his VP, in Luftwaffe livery.

George's VP is a real lightweight.

Much attention is paid to keeping the weight to a minimum.
Tom knows the importance of this, and he shows us how its done.

Part of Jim's air force.

Mike's Sparrow & VP.

Dave K's Fokker returned to base with battle damage.

Jim pauses to answer questions, in midst of winding.

George's Bostonian-sized VP suffered major damage after encountering an immovable object.

More of Mike's handiwork, an Aeronca L.

Additionally, heres some pics from the previous indoor session that didn't get posted...( better late than never!).


Small Flying Arts said...

A great set of planes here. By the condition of that Fokker it looks like a fun event.

You guys should check out the Small Flying Arts model aircraft forum. Someone was recently asking about free-flight events in the Bay Area, so it would be excellent to connect with some of the members.

flyin_brian said...

Thanks for the heads-up, friend.
Several of our members are regulars on SFA, so we'll see if we can make our presence known to local free flighters.