Why free-flight?

I started to get interested in free flight several years ago when I discovered Mike Stuart's excellent website. I remember seeing a question at the top of Mike's home page: Why free-flight? At the time I couldn't think of an answer, but Mike's explanation made sense and it wasn't long before I showed up at the Marin Aero Club.

Our friend Roberto Soncin Gerometta answers the question in his own way in an article featuring George Benson: Model Airplanes for the Purist, published at NewsPlink in May 2009. If you haven't already seen this item, it is definitely worth checking out. (Photo by Roberto)


Wout Moerrman said...

What a beautiful picture of that rubber powered model gliding over the desert!


Dave W said...

Hi Wout. You have a good eye. Roberto is a professional photographer. His pictures have appeared in many publications, but rarely in this blog. I'd like to post more of them in the future.