Indoor Flying Season Begins

We returned to the venerable gymnasium at St. Vincent's to begin the 2009 indoor flying season. Kermit's Born Loser embryo was one of the main attractions, consistently attaining flights of about one minute.

Kermit is experimenting with different motors to get optimal performance, given the constraints of our beamed ceiling.

Mike's Bald Eagle Bostonian circled fast and low over the hardwood floor as if hunting, but the only critters in the gym are dust bunnies that live under the bleachers.

George brought his new dime scale Miles Magister, which he built for our current group building project.

Mike's Akro has seen action in the gym for quite a few years. The 16" Dick Baxter design in Russian winter scheme reminds Mike of a P-39 Airacobra, hence the model's nickname: Akro Cobra.

Ed builds and flies all kinds of models, including ultra lightweight stuff like his electric powered R/C penny plane (above) and rubber powered ornithopter (left).

Dave K shows one of his outdoor planes, the Golden Age Reproductions P-47 with German markings. George stands in the background with his fantasy flyer, the Pfalz Canard.

George is building a larger version of the Pfalz Canard.

George utilized slice rib construction. Note the upper and lower halves are offset at the trailing edge.

Removable landing gear are retained by a rubber band. George's design allows each gear to pivot independently; the rubber band serves as a shock absorber.

Flyin_Brian brought his new camera to the meeting, setting up a portable photography studio with George's help.

Brian's XE-5

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