The wind finally lets up, so we let em fly

The grass has gotten quite tall at the Lakeville site...so, much of the day was spent searching for lost models. You could walk right past your plane, and not even see it!
The weather was sunny and hot, with occasional gusts.

Tom's razorback P-47, fresh off the building board, was being put through its paces.

Jerry flew an Island Flyer, a Hienkel, and T-6 Texan.

Ray flew his Jimmy Allen, a Guillows Skyraider, and a P-30.

George tells us that this little nickel scale model is a veteren of many flights and venues.

Here is Gale's latest creation, another of his original designs, I believe.
It flew very slow, stable circuits.

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Dave said...

Sorry I could not make it to Lakeville on this beautiful day. I must hurry and finish the models I'm building before they cut down all that nice tall grass.