Wonderful Thursday

We met at Lakeville on Thursday morning - 1/29/15. Rubber boots were de rigueur  on account of the wet grass and mustard. The mustard was humming with thousands of bees from the nearby commercial hives. It was sunny, fairly calm, no thermals. But lots of good flight.

George's Island Flyer went up like a rocket, and way up high it circled and drifted northeast.
George isn't crazy about having his picture taken, so the one below of him "on the retrieve" is with a telephoto and blurred a bit to protect his true identity. George wasn't clear about whether the DT was set on the island Flyer, let's leave it at that.

Jerry's whatever you call it looks spectacular in flight and static.

Phobi's newish whatever you call it appears poised for an out of sight flight every launch, while she works on finessing the nose-block-falling-out DT.

The Vindicator flew on the rails - a vindication of sorts.

So it was a great morning, and a lucky break so early in the year.

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