Skymaster, skokies, 49er, bostonian, bees and "the boys"

Skydate August 14, 2011.

Having failed to find a Swift Tuttle particle burning up like an HTV-2, a few of us tried to create a daylight meteor shower at Lakeville this morning.

Mike L muscled in in his Mustang, opened its cavernous trunk and produced another two miniature marvels. Brian S posted an article on the all-sheet 49er earlier this year and Mike took up the offer to build one. It proved a great flier.

Not content with this, he unveiled his new Bostonian. Wow! Not only does it fit the Bostonian rules, but it happens to be a perfect scratch built scale rendering of the push-pull Cessna Skymaster. And on top of that in Spanish Navy markings. Again it flew really well as the overhead shot shows.


Mike claims the Skymaster is a "bit heavy". This could be subterfuge of course, but maybe offers a chance for one of us to pip him at the post this year - maybe Jim's pelophylax could leapfrog to victory.

Paul flew his p30 - beautiful - blew by and beyond us, bothering the busy bees, two of which stung Paul as he attempted a retrieve. Don't wear yellow. When the bees find out you're not a pollinating prospect they attack.

George B, Jerry L and me flew Jimmie Allen Skokies. My huge four loops of one eighth proved useless against a vicious windshear, but switching to three loops and more winds worked wonders when the thermals picked up. Both Jerry and George enjoyed high flights and easy limits which bodes well for the upcoming Jimmie Allen contest.

It was a fun morning with Jim B confessing that his recent reintroduction to free flight had presented him with some of the happiest times of his life. If ever you wanted a celebrity endorsement of a sport/hobby there it is. Thanks Jim

Beautiful day - friends, sunshine, laughter. Where else could a retired packaging expert, airplane mechanic, chemist, retired engineer, musician and sculptor begin to believe they were boys again - all for a couple of gallons of gas and some rubber lube.


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