Baby Zephyr Reproduction

Ed Solenberger is working on a project to reproduce a kit of the classic Testors Baby Zephyr with the original K&B .020 Infant Torpedo engine. Ed sold ten kits/engines last year, and he says "They flew out of here like a flock of quail!" More kits will be coming from the laser cutter soon. With over 80 on the waiting list, that's good news!

Baby Zephyr ready to be painted

Ed tells us the original Testors kit came out in about 1949 -- especially for the Infant Torpedo. The little .020 was the very first pure glow plug engine on the market. As you can see in the picture, the kit sold for 98¢. The engines were $7.95. Considering that it had precut, formed parts and a full-size plan with plenty of instructions, that was a one heck of a deal, even in those days.

Ed's reproduction kit was featured in Flying Models magazine last year. It has laser cut parts, with rolled tube fuselage. You would have to make a special mandrel to roll such a taper, as the usual suggestion of a pool cue wouldn't work. Ed can do one per day, or maybe two, as the balsa has to dry well.

Ed has been busy building up an inventory of vintage K&B engines. Restoring these little gems is not a problem for Ed, a talented engine builder. But if anyone has spare parts/engines of this type, Ed can probably use them.
This picture shows one of the restorations -- an exact sized fuel tank. Some engines are missing parts such as this.

Ed is selling the laser cut reproduction kit without engine for $39.95 plus shipping. The price for kit with engine is $96.95 plus shipping. Anyone can get a kit without engine fairly soon, but if you aren't already on the waiting list it could take awhile to get an engine. Anyone interested in these kits should email Ed.

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