This kit had been sitting in the garage for the last five years or so until I recently watched the restored P40 out of Schellville tearing around the skies over Sonoma. (Schellville airport)

It inspired me against my better judgment to build the kit. Yes it's a bit heavy, even after drilling a series of holes in all the bulkheads and keel, but it looks pretty good and provided I can work out the noseblock it might manage 30 seconds - well 20 anyway. Not a contender in the WWII combat mass launch on 6/14.

I will be at Lakeville on Sunday in the hope of getting in some testing for this event. How about you?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who took part in the crucial D-Day landings 65 years ago tomorrow, and pay tribute to their amazing bravery.


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flyin_brian said...

Nice job, Tom.
Even if its too heavy to fly well, it would still make a nice display piece.
Has Chris Prevost seen it?