Name The Plane Contest

The subject of this month's contest is a strange contraption, to be sure.

Can you identify the Mystery Plane?

The contest winner(s) - everyone to answer correctly by 18:00 PST on Saturday, March 21, 2009 - will be enshrined forever in the blog.

Email you answer here.


planecrazy said...

Dave - Ya got me! I do recognize the picture, but I don't remember the name of the airplane, and I'm just plain too lazy to look it up or research it!


Dave said...

Kermit - I thought you were plane crazy (not lazy).

I don't know if this Mystery Plane is too obscure or if people are bored with the contest, but we usually get one or two answers by now.


flyin_brian said...

I believe that is the Hogan Inverto-plane. Designed to land on upside down runways mounted to the underside of zeppelins, similar to the trapeze-deployed planes used on the Akron based at Moffet.