Indian Summer

Greetings from sunny California. We've had beautiful weather in the 70s and 80s this past week, an unexpected treat for November in the Bay Area. Today was a great day for flying. Our field has turned green thanks to recent rain, but it isn't muddy yet.

Flyin Brian ready to launch his Gollywock.

Away it goes.

George readies his Blackburn R-2 Airedale.

Mike's newest creation, a pusher-powered plane designed by Pres Bruning.

Still in the trimming phase.

Brian also has a new plane, the Keil Kraft Senator he built for the current postal contest.

He did a fantastic job on the graphics! This plane has a tilt-down stabilizer DT.

Another new plane. Ray brought this Skokie to the field for its first test flight. It looks very official with the Jimmy Allen emblem on the fuselage.

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